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Why do windows get fogged up?

Window manufacturers seal both windows with a dividing space. The dividing space includes small silica beads (sodium silicate) embedded within the space. The silica beads retain moisture to prevent the accumulation of moisture on the thermal windows.

During the day, the sun heats the thermal window and creates expansive pressure on the window.

At night, when the temperature drops, the pressure effect is reversed and window retraction occurs.

Over time, such movements of expansion and retraction unseal the thermal window and consequently let moisture through causing fogging of thermal window.

Can all thermal windows be restored?

We can remove the moisture in most thermal windows.

However if there has been a problem for several years, it may not be possible to correct the problem due to the accumulation of minerals (permanent stains) on windows or due to loosened glass from the dividing space for various reasons reducing the possibility of restoring the thermal glass.

Will my windows look like new ones after the restoration work?

Many of our customers ask us this question and it’s a difficult one to answer.

It’s important to note that we cannot remove the wear and tear accumulated over the years, especially on the outside which has been exposed to the elements.

However, when it comes to any fog between both windows, we can certainly eliminate that fog in the majority of cases.

For mineral residues which may be permanently encrusted on thermal windows (dried by the sun), this greatly depends on how long such residues have remained on the window.

Our technicians have several tricks up their

Will fog reappear after your restoration work?

The fog does not normally reappear.

However it may reappear in certain circumstances. Remember that our work is guaranteed for 10 years.

Please also note that our process is a permanent but not an instantaneous solution. You will have to allow some time for the full drying cycle.