Replacement of thermal glass

Replacing your thermal windows panes with a high energy efficiency thermos pane is the most economical way to preserve the longevity of your windows. Without any renovation work and at ¼ of the price of replacing a window.

  • Do your windows remain foggy even after several washes?
  • It may be because it is time to change your thermos pans…
  • But there’s no need to do any major renovations and spend a lot of money!
  • Save up to 75% of the renovation costs related to windows changes, simply by changing only the thermos pan.
  • Our technicians will replace your fogged thermos with a new custom-made thermos.
  • Our technicians will also come and take the measurements themselves before we manufacture your thermos.
  • Our thermos and our work are guaranteed for 10 years.
  • No debris, no paint job to redo.
  • And the job is done on average in less than 30 minutes per windows.
  • We are a family business located in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges area.


To thoroughly convince you that our solution is effective and long-lasting, we offer a 10-year warranty on the defogging of your windows by Gestion Thermo Plus.

Our work is guaranteed at 100%. We proudly offer a 10-year warranty that we will gladly honour for subsequent home or business owners.